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Success Story of Bali Singh

Posted on December 8th, 2014

Bali Singh was on tenterhooks, victim of a family dispute, his inherited land under litigation with his own kith and kin, this experienced farmer had in despair approached a large farmer, Krishan Karwa from his village for help. In the summer of 2011, Krishan asked Bali Singh to take over an manage his decrepit 7.5 acres orchard of Kinnows (Mandarin oranges) to maintain on a profit sharing basis.

Everyone in the village new that this orchard, grown on sandy soil was severely affected by citrus die back caused by phytophthora citrophthora and was slated for destruction. Bali Singh tried everything but the trees did not recover, all he received from the sale of fruits in December 2011 was a paltry Rs 60,000 (about $1300)not enough to cover even his expenses.Experience had taught Bali Singh a bitter lesson, the application of chemical fungicides would provide only a temporary relief and was an unviable option in this case where the infestation had reached from the roots to the top most branches. It was then that his friend advised him to seek out the team from Sequoia Bio Solutions. He could not believe gentle eco friendly products could succeed where harsh pesticides had failed, but he was left with no other option.

Driven by desperation in June 2012, he decided to implement our STEP process using Helios, Biovac, Regalis Granules, Bheema, Regalis Liquid and Ek Boond. To his pleasant surprise the trees started responding almost immediately. The inexorable progress of the disease was halted in its tracks and the small green shoots begin to peep out from just below the dried tips of the branches. Hesitatingly at first and then with increasing vigour they transformed into healthy new leaves and then branches. Within 6 months most of the trees had shown a remarkable recovery and only a few trees that had been almost on their last legs, failed to revive. Even here, signs of new life were slowly emerging from the main trunk. As for the rest of the trees, there was not a bare branch left and the new leaves were without blemishes and 3-4 times the size of old sick ones. Branches bowed under the weight of newly forming fruit and Bali Singh knew that success was in his grasp at last. In December 2012, the same fields fetched him Rs 3,50,000 ($6500).

He continued the practices he had learnt with even more confidence in 2013, sure enough his trees rewarded him with an even higher income of Rs 670,000 this time ($11,200). Now the farm which was slated for destruction not so long ago is the cynosure of all eyes. The big farmer Krishan Karwa has asked Bali Singh to partner him and plant another 15 acres of fresh Kinnow orchards. Other farmers have called Bali Singh to manage their Kinnow orchards as well. He is now the acknowledged expert at growing Kinnows in the area.

The year 2014 has seen his orchard make continuous progress as the trees continue to yield even more fruit than before, sure signs of the inexorable grip of the chronic diseases, Phytophthora and HLB being released due to the STEP SYSTEM. Bali Singh has happily reported an income of Rs 10 lacs ($16,500) this time from his orchard An increase of nearly 50% over last year. This, in spite of extremely adverse weather conditions that prevailed this year in North Western India, extreme drought till end of August followed by unprecedented rain in September which led to water logging and massive damage to standing crops.